Board of Directors

Serving our Community

Homeowners’ Associations (HOAs) play a significant role in maintaining the quality and value of communities. They rely on dedicated individuals who serve on the HOA board to make decisions and ensure the smooth operation of the community. Below are some of the essential responsibilities of HOA board members, highlighting the crucial role they play in maintaining and enhancing the community.

  • Upholding and Enforcing HOA Rules

One of the primary responsibilities of an HOA board is to create and enforce community rules and regulations. This includes ensuring that residents adhere to the governing documents and addressing violations when necessary. Consistent enforcement helps maintain the aesthetics and property values of the community.

  • Financial Oversight

HOA board members are responsible for the community’s financial well-being. This includes creating an annual budget, setting dues and assessments, and ensuring that all financial records are transparent and accurate. Effective financial management is critical for maintaining and improving common areas and amenities.

  • Maintenance and Repairs

The board is in charge of maintaining common areas, landscaping, and community amenities. This responsibility involves planning for routine maintenance, overseeing necessary repairs, and addressing any safety concerns. Well-maintained common areas enhance the overall appeal of the community.

  • Decision-Making

Board members are responsible for making important decisions on behalf of the community. These decisions may involve changes to community rules, budgets, contracts with service providers, and capital improvement projects. 

  • Communication and Resident Engagement

Board members are the bridge between the HOA and the community’s residents. They must effectively communicate HOA policies, decisions, and updates to residents. Promoting resident engagement and addressing concerns and feedback is crucial for a harmonious community.

  • Legal Compliance

HOAs are subject to various laws and regulations. Board members are responsible for ensuring that the HOA complies with these legal requirements, including state laws, local ordinances, and federal regulations. Failure to comply can result in legal issues for the HOA.

  • Record Keeping

Maintaining accurate records is a key responsibility of the board. This includes keeping meeting minutes, financial records, and legal documents. 

  • Strategic Planning

The board is responsible for long-term planning to ensure the community’s sustainability and growth. This includes setting goals, developing strategic plans, and making decisions that benefit the community in the years to come.

  • Conflict Resolution

As disputes or conflicts arise within the community, board members are often called upon to mediate and resolve these issues. A fair and unbiased approach to conflict resolution is essential to maintain a harmonious living environment.

Your Board members volunteer their time and talents to help make our community its best. We're always interested in hearing your opinions and answering your questions.

The Riverstone board members serve two year terms which are staggering. 3 seats are up for re-election one year, the other year there are 2 seats up for election. 

Riverstone Board of Directors 2023-2024

Position Name Contact Email  Term
President Franco Lunetto [email protected] 2023-2025
Vice-President Travis Blower [email protected] 2023-2025
Secretary Amanda Mallette [email protected] 2022-2024
Treasurer Chris Marchand
[email protected]

Director Jason Kusters [email protected] 2022-2024